A quick guide for those who need to set up multiple SSH keys for multiple hosts

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Hello! I was inspired to write this article as I stumbled upon some issues when setting up multiple SSH keys.

I originally had it set up for my personal GitHub. A few days ago, I started to volunteer for one of the non-profit organizations that required another set of SSH key pairs. What I didn’t know is that I was not supposed to overwrite the old SSH key pairs with my new ones and expect them to work. I was working on one of my personal projects the other day and attempted to push to GitHub, but my terminal told…

Spoiler Alert: It’s hard

🌟Disclaimer: The advice may not apply to everyone, but I really hope that at least some of the following stuff would be helpful to your journey! Strong language may be involved.🌟

I want to navigate this article via my journey. I don’t want to just give straight up advice and tell you what to do this and that. I found it easier to have examples to demonstrate and specifically on how I turned my struggles into something positive.


I finally accepted my first SWE job offer last week at my 7th-month of job searching (Sep 1, 2021). It was probably…

For quite a while, I have been struggling to fully understand the differences between for…in and for…of. If you found this via Google or the dev.to feed, I can safely assume that you are probably wondering the same thing. for…in and for…of are the alternative of the for loop that we are all familiar with. However, for…in and for…of are used in different occasions depends on what you are looking for while the for loop we know can be used in basically in any situation.

We will first go over the examples/usages, then we’ll break down each of them.



My takeaways in tech interviews as a coding bootcamp grad

Today, I hit my 6th month mark of my job searching journey. Yep, 6th month. A lot of my new friends that I have met over LinkedIn are getting job offers. Of course, I am really happy for them, yet it was really tough for me whenever a friend told me they got a job offer because that means… they will no longer be in this journey with me.

One of the most frustrating moments throughout this journey was that I was not getting a lot of interviews, until a couple months ago, I finally got my first tech interview…

When I first learned RESTful API, I pretty much followed every tutorial I can find on how to use RESTful API and then I implemented on my projects. Well, guess what? Before writing this article, I still couldn’t properly form in words when people asked me what RESTful API was. Therefore, I would like to write an article about RESTful API or REST for those who just started to learn about fetching APIs or need a refresher!


Let’s say you are searching for “How to use RESTful API” on Google search field, and then hit enter. You will see a…

A HTML tag that the tutorial doesn’t tell you about

Today, I would like to introduce the open graph tag.

Let me be honest, I just learned this a few days ago. I always wonder how do people have their website preview display when they share on social media, but not when I share mine? And you know what, turns out the magic is all on this og meta tag. I noticed it is not something that are mentioned in tutorials, at least in all the tutorials that I have watched. SO, hopefully you find your way to this article because you are curious about what “open graph tag” is.

(This article is dedicated to those who want to join their first hackathon but not sure what to expect.)

Two weeks ago, I participated my very first hackathon. I had a hard time finding a hackathon due to the fact that many hackathons are only available to high school students and college students, or grads who graduate within 6 months, which I am nowhere to that (I graduated in Aug 2020 — so close!!). Around a month ago, one of my bootcamp friends shared the All-Women Hackathon event organized by The Expat Woman on Linkedin. …

What is Hooks? How to Use Hooks? Why Hooks?

(Disclaimer: This article is intended for readers who want to start with Hooks but not sure how and why.)


Back in coding bootcamp, we learned to use state in parent and pass props to their children.

I mean it’s not bad, but in a way it looks bulky and not very readable when your file is really long. I hadn’t officially learned to use Hooks until a VERY recent project that I am doing (I am talking about only a week ago). Mainly because I am so scared of useEffect (you know how sometimes…

Step-by-step Guide on How to Build a Multi-Step Form

(Disclaimer: this guide is only for front-end development and no backend involved. We would be using ES6 syntax to destructure for the most parts. To avoid the article being too lengthy, I will only cover anything that is necessary to make the multi-step form possible.)

As a web developer who just started developing less than a year ago, I learned to build a form with only one page. The hackathon I joined recently pushed me to learn building a multi-step form, and guess what? It’s actually not as hard as we thought it would be like. 🤔

Why Multi-Step Form?

This really depends…

Explanation of useParams and Demonstration

People always say joining a hackathon would quickly enhance your skills. I am currently in a week-long hackathon and I couldn’t agree more on that statement. In this hackathon, I forced myself to learn something new, and one of them is useParams .


useParams is one of the Hooks methods that React Router ships with. I assume the reason you are here is that you want to learn how to use useParams when you are creating navigational components in React (I have to say React Router has one of the best documentation I have ever seen.).

Before we start talking…

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