When I first learned RESTful API, I pretty much followed every tutorial I can find on how to use RESTful API and then I implemented on my projects. Well, guess what? Before writing this article, I still couldn’t properly form in words when people asked me what RESTful API was…

(This article is dedicated to those who want to join their first hackathon but not sure what to expect.)

Two weeks ago, I participated my very first hackathon. I had a hard time finding a hackathon due to the fact that many hackathons are only available to high school students…

What is Hooks? How to Use Hooks? Why Hooks?

(Disclaimer: This article is intended for readers who want to start with Hooks but not sure how and why.)


Back in coding bootcamp, we learned to use state in parent and pass props to their children.

I mean it’s not bad, but in a…

Megan Lo

Software Engineer @ Olive AI | Flatiron Alum | Sociology Grad | Snoopy | Iced Vanilla Latte | Sitcoms | Wannabe Solo Traveler | I Google Literally Anything

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